They say that the most difficult part about going for a run is putting on your shoes…

So, in that spirit, pushing ‘publish’ on this is a relief.

There are two things that bug me about the way founders tell the stories about the ventures we’re working on.

Firstly, everything is always amazing. We share the polished version of our ventures rather than the honest version. In my experience the reality is always messy and complicated, and often difficult and unsuccessful. But generally heaps more interesting.

The sad thing about that is that when you’re working on a new venture the best you can do is compare your inside with everybody else’s outside. It’s hardly ever an encouraging comparison.

Secondly, we focus nearly entirely on those who have been successful, when we could all probably learn a lot more from understanding the real reasons why things failed.

To the victors the spoils, I suppose, including the opportunity to pretend that they always knew they were going to win. But I’ve learned that even giant successes never feel like that at the time. The outcome isn’t ever premeditated.

I figured both of those things are an opportunity.

As I start on this project, I realise I’m in an incredibly privileged position.

The reason most founders spin their story is often because they are all-in on their venture, and as a result vulnerable. And the reason we mostly hear from winners is because success stories are told in reverse, when the outcome is already decided.

While I’d dearly love for this to turn into a successful thing, if it doesn’t I’ll still be alright. This isn’t a double or nothing bet. So I’m free to tell the story. (And, don’t worry, the final post of this blog is not going to be “our incredible journey” no matter what happens!)

Plus, I want to capture it as it happens, before I know the ending. I’m interested in the feedback loops that will create. I think it’s going to be fascinating to come back to later, and compare what I think now with what I think then, and to consider if there is anything I could have done differently based on that. My theory is, like a journal, the process of recording this will actually influence the outcome. Let’s see if that’s true with the benefit of hindsight.

Anyway, that’s all for the future.

For now I’m just excited to get this first post out the door … 👋