In this video I want to show you where we are at with multi-currency support in One Metric…

This was an important thing for us to support as part of our Xero integration. If you import values from Xero then the currency will be set automatically based on the default base currency for your organisation in Xero. If you’re setting up your own metrics you can specify the currency, either at an organisation level or for each specific metric as required.

Speaking of Xero, we also now have a landing page to highlight the benefits of using Xero + One Metric together:

Share the financial metrics that matter to your business

In the future we hope to add a currency conversion integration so that you can automatically calculate values in whatever currency you prefer.

But, right now with One Metric you can share your financial metrics wherever you are in the world or wherever you do business, whether it’s US Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen or … Zambian Kwacha.