As the year starts to wind down, this is a great summary of how I’ve been feeling…

One of my favorite moments when working on a new product is knowing something isn’t quite right yet, but that it’s oh so close. Idea’s right, elements are there, but things haven’t quite come together yet. It’s the thrill of getting warmer, not hot yet. Eventual discovery. Jason Fried

Things haven’t quite come together yet, but getting warmer? I hope so.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been excited to expand our beta to include a much larger group. Everybody who has requested early access should have now received an invitation. If you did and you haven’t then please get in touch and I’ll sort you out.

So, how is it going?

In the spirit of following my own advice and getting into the habit of sharing numbers before they have a chance to be sensitive or embarrassing, here is a dashboard some of the things I’m tracking in these early days:

One Metric Dashboard

You can drill into any of those metrics, to see how they have tracked over the last few months.

Registered Users as at November

In November there were 27 active orgs (which for now I’m defining as an organisation that had one or more metric values updated during the month), with each tracking just over 10 metrics on average. For obvious privacy reasons I don’t have any visibility to what metrics people are tracking or the values, but this is more than enough to give a heart beat.

These numbers are all up further during December to date, as you would expect given the additional beta invites sent. In total ~190 people have been invited, so currently about 48% of those have registered and 38% of those have activated to some extent. I have to be pleased with that.

I expect that things will likely get quiet now until people have their feet back under their desks in the new year. It’s going to be interesting to see how many of these I can convince to become active users in the longer term.

Bring on 2019! Thank you all for following along and I wish you all a relaxing break. 🎄