Knowing your numbers for the current month is good, but knowing when things are getting better or worse is really what it’s all about. Often it’s the trends, rather than the raw numbers, that teach you the most about where you need to focus attention.

A while ago we made a simple but powerful change to the reports, so you can now specify a delta to be displayed below the value, showing the change since last month (or last quarter or last year, if you prefer).

In the settings you can choose either to show the actual change or the percentage change, and you can also specify whether your goal is to increase or decrease the value over time. That allows us to colour code the deltas: green for the metrics that are improving and red for those that are going backwards.

So, once those are setup on your key metrics you can see at a glance which are improving and which might need some attention. We think this makes the reports in One Metric much more useful.

Here is a short video showing it in action: