It’s later already.

One Metric is now available to everybody. 🚀

You can sign up and get started today.

The entire process of building One Metric, and specifically preparing it for launch over the last few weeks, has been a humbling experience.

Many times I’ve caught myself making excuses internally for things that I’ve previously pointed out to founders I’ve worked with. The hypocrisy is real!

For example, one of those is a question that I’ve repeated to many people over the years: “who needs your product or service so much that they are willing to pay for it today and despite the fact that it’s only half built?”

I believe that the features we’ve already built are enough to help teams and companies get better at tracking their metrics, talking about them, sharing them and ultimately improving them. I know from my own experience how much of a difference this can make. I’d love for everybody to have access to tool that make this the default.

I’m about to find out if what I believe and what is real overlap.

Asking people to pay for the thing you’ve made or the work you do is always a leap. There is a gap between free and not free that is impossible to deny. No doubt some people are not going to make it over, especially when there is still so much more that could be added to the product to make it more attractive to a wider audience.

It might feel to me like it’s only half built. But the second half can wait. Hopefully what I have today is more like the slice on the right than on the left. Time will tell.


There are two pricing plans to start with. A cheaper “startup” plan that is for small teams (limited to a single report) and an unlimited “company” plan for those a bit larger.

In both cases there is a significant discount for annual subscribers. But you can also subscribe monthly if you prefer.

All accounts come with a 30 day trial period - even when you subscribe you won’t be charged until the end of that.

All accounts include unlimited users and can take advantage of our Xero import.

I expect to experiment with these details a lot over the coming months. For now I’m intentionally setting prices low to encourage people to use it. I’m hoping that the feedback loops that creates will be more valuable in the long term than higher prices now. We’ll see.

We are also open to specific pricing for anybody who has a portfolio of companies that would like to setup on One Metric - eg investors or those running accelerator or incubator programs. Please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help you get going with this.

Another chewy question I ask a lot and have struggled to answer: “how will you overcome your obscurity?”

I’m delighted that in the last week or so we’ve been able to make a small splash and get the word out. It’s been very humbling to see people that I respect recommend One Metric to others on social media. Hopefully that’s happening in private too.

Last Friday we ended up #2 on the Product Hunt charts. That, combined with a few other influential referrals, have driven a spike in registrations that creates a nice momentum. I’m scrambling to make sure as many of those as possible have a great experience using One Metric and tell their friends.

I have filled a Trello board with other ideas to try over the next few weeks and months that will keep One Metric front-of-mind for potential customers, so that when they do go looking for a solution it’s an option they try. Let’s see if I can do that without becoming annoying.

If you have any suggestions or would like to talk about how One Metric could fit into what you’re working on then I’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch at

So, time to stop taking orders and start making sandwiches.

Thanks for your support.