Since the launch a couple of weeks ago the application has held together well. We’ve had a lot of people sign up and start to use the tool, and so far we’ve only had to make a few very minor tweaks.

However, we’ve just had to fix the first more urgent glitch with our Xero import.

We know how important it is to have confidence in your numbers. That’s the whole point of One Metric. So it sucks to have messed that up in this case.

The impacted organisations were those using a weekly reporting period with a connected Xero account. In some situations, the values reported for revenue and expenses accounts imported were incorrect. The value imported for all accounts for the week that spans the end of financial year were also incorrect.

We have fixed the problem and have re-imported correct values in both of these cases.

Thankfully we found the bug early and it has only impacted a very small group of people. But that was more good luck than good management. For example, we were very fortunate that both 31st March and 30th June fell on a Sunday this year, so that didn’t impact those in NZ and Australia.

Sorry if this caused you any problems. 😞