Here is a brief update of the progress we made during July.

June was a big month, with our official launch and the spike of activity that followed that. So July was potentially the difficult sophomore album. But I’m pleased to say that the activity metrics that we currently track all looked good relative to the May baseline.

Active Metrics

(Click the screenshots above to view the online version of this report, where you can explore the full history).

We’re also very excited to get our first handful of paying subscribers signed up. We’re looking forward to helping them to do a great job of tracking and sharing the metrics that matter to them.

On the product front, we released a number of improvements:

We’ve made it much easier to enter and update historical values for each metric - just click on the details for a metric and enter all of the values directly on that page.

Metric History

We’ve added additional reporting periods, so you can now use One Metric to track your metrics weekly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually in addition to the monthly reporting we’ve always supported.

We’ve made a number of improvements to our Xero integration - we now support “totals” by account type (e.g. “bank accounts” or “current liabilities”) and we have a new details page that makes it much easier to link your Xero accounts to your One Metric reports.

Data Source Details

We’ve also added additional delta options, so you can now show both value and percentage comparisons for each metric as required.

We’ve also added a bunch more content to the growing Help Center

Plus, a long list of small UI/UX improvements - to make sure One Metric remains the fastest way to create a dashboard you’re proud to share.

And, we’re not stopping there. Coming soon:

  • Subjective metrics (so you can show traffic light or star rating status metrics on your dashboard)
  • Alternative report layouts including list view (and maybe even graphs?!)
  • Our much anticipated Google Analytics integration

And more.

Stay tuned…!