Progress has stalled, and not for the first time. That’s frustrating.

Not only the writing about it here (which was actually one of the core motivations) but the actual doing.

I’ve had only distracted time to work on One Metric during the back half of 2019, and that got entirely soaked up in adding the Google Analytics integration and a bunch of plumbing like billing and subscriptions, some performance improvements, better error reporting, and many dumb bugs that only really reared once people started using the tool we’ve built properly. That’s all necessary hygiene, but not especially motivating.

Over the holidays I’ve been playing a little with Noteheads, which is a fun little side project by Dave Frampton (of Blockheads and Sapiens fame).

For example, here is my masterpiece.

However, it was this tweet by John Ballinger (himself of Ask Nicely fame), responding to Dave about the work to be done, which cut very close to the bone:

you have all the key functionality working. now all you need to do is spend the next 3 years adding billing, user roles, sharing, HIPPA compliance, pen-tests, login, custom CSS, white label, ie6 support, mobile app, custom sound files, midi and keyboard support.

Ouch. That is a great summary of how I’ve started to feel about One Metric too.

So, how to jump start out of this mode?

First, I want to get back to a regular cadence of small improvements that make the tool more useful. The goal for One Metric is to create the fastest way to build a progress report that you can share. So, what are the constraints to that?

Starting tomorrow I’m going to identify one small thing per week, document the problem that I want to solve and the possible solutions, and then try and deploy that before the end of the week. I’ll try that for four weeks to start with and see how it goes.

I’m hoping that writing about it in advance will be motivation enough to ensure that actually happens (that’s how it works, right Derek 🙈?). As an added bonus you get to watch in real-time and hopefully give me some feedback to make the changes even better than they would be if I was just working on them quietly.

Thanks in advance for your help!