The atomic unit of a One Metric report is what we call a “card”.

Each card represents the value of a single metric for a single period (either week, month, quarter etc, depending on the reporting frequency for your organisation).

Currently they look like this:

Current Card Design

Just before Christmas we finally deployed a change that had been a work-in-progress for some months, to replace the way that you rearrange cards in your report. Previously we had implemented drag-and-drop, so you could pick up a card by clicking on the metric name and dragging it to a new location. That never worked smoothly, so we replaced it with a modal that allows you to sort all metrics and sections for the report in one place. To try and make this more obvious I added those extra icons at the bottom of each card. But that left us with a lot of clutter, especially when repeated across multiple cards in a report.

So, I want to tidy up a bit. These are some improvements we could make:

  1. Longer titles - currently anything more than one line wraps and causes the card layout to break
  2. Drill-downs - now the card title is no longer used as the drag handle we can re-purpose this to be the link for getting to details for the selected metric and remove some of the icons
  3. Visible notes - adding a note to a metric value to add some narrative is one of the great features, but not yet widely used, possibly because it’s a bit hidden in the menu, it would be great to make this an icon on the card so it’s more obvious and only one-click to add/view a note
  4. Print View - when you print a report (to create a PDF version) we strip out all of the chrome of the page, but the cards themselves have a few glitches - the borders are a bit broken and page breaks sometimes go right through the middle of cards

What I have in mind is something like this:

Proposed Card Design

What else could I do here?

Some things I’ll need to think about as we go:

  • How does this work on the public/read-only version of the card?
  • How does this work on the mobile version of the card?

Let’s see how this ends up…