All of the improvements I wanted to make this week are now live.

Each card is now much cleaner, it’s much more obvious that you can click on the title to drill-down, notes are much more visible and adding/editing a note is now also a single click (rather than a hidden menu), and titles can nicely wrap to two lines without blowing out the layout.

Before: Before

After: After

Across a whole grid of metric cards this has removed a lot of the clutter, with far fewer repeated icons. As this example of a shared report shows, metrics with notes are highlighted.

Shared Report: After

This also all works on the mobile layout.

Mobile Layout: After

As part of this change I’ve also made some big improvements to the print layout. The bugs with the card borders are fixed and notes display below cards as a footnote. This is now a great way to create a PDF version of your report, if that is how you prefer to share results.

Print Layout: After

For example, this is the December report for One Metric showing some headline metrics imported from our Google Analytics account.

This experiment has been a success, so I’m going to press on with further small UX improvements next week…