I’m a couple of days delayed in writing this down, due to the holiday weekend, but the changes I wanted to make in last week were all deployed on Saturday.

In a desktop browser the drill-down for each metric is now a page rather than a modal pop-up, and shows the values and graph side-by-side, with a page title to let you quickly get back to the report:

Updated Design

On a mobile browser the drill-down is also now a page rather than modal, but with tabs to switch between the values and graph. As part of this I’ve also made a number of small improvements to the layout for mobile browsers, trying to take better advantage of the small screen dimensions (although there is still a bit of work to be done - the double icons in the page title and the way the input boxes squish on the values page doesn’t delight me).

Updated Design - Mobile Version

In both cases you can now navigate between periods directly from this page, using the same control you have on the main report page. And you can add and edit notes for historical periods, again directly from the values page.

Hopefully combined with the improvements made to the cards last week this will see many more people taking advantage of the notes functionality, to share not only the numbers but also some of the narrative behind the numbers.

I was also hoping to make similar changes to the metrics settings page, but ran into some difficulties with that. So, I’ll need to pick that up again down the track.

I’m happy with this progress. These changes also setup nicely for the next improvement I want to make next week. More about that tomorrow…