Level four of the Metrics Maturity Model is all about setting goals, and then tracking your progress against that target. But, up until now there has been no elegant way to do that in One Metric.

This has been one of the most requested features, and I’m excited to add it this week.

There are lots of different types of goals you might tracking using One Metric. For example, if you’re tracking your financial metrics your target might be a budget, if you’re tracking sales then your target might be a sales quota, if you’re tracking OKRs then your target might be a stretch goal. So, it’s possible that the most difficult part of this addition is coming up with the right words to use!

In simple terms it means:

  1. You can enter both a target and actual value for each metric.
  2. You can show the comparison to target values in the deltas for each metric
  3. You can see the target values on the graphs of previous values for a given metric

The improvements we made to the metric details page last week provide the foundation to do this

Updated Design

Some of the details I’ll need to consider as we go with this:

  • How does the data entry layout on a smaller screen (eg mobile browser)?
  • What’s the cleanest way to show actual values and target values side-by-side on the graph (there are a few options to experiment with, including two bars as in the sketch or one bar and one line etc)
  • Do we also need to give the option to enable and disable this by metric so you can turn it off where it’s not required or could potentially confuse?
  • Should we also allow you to reference target values in formulas e.g. TARGET($Customers) to reference the target value for customers in the current period
  • Are there shortcuts we could provide to make it easier to enter target values - eg where the target is calculated as a standard increase/decrease or a constant value each month?

It’s already Wednesday and there are a number of aspects to this change, so it might take a bit longer than just this week to complete this, but I think it will be worth it.