After a short break to catch breath, something slightly less ambitious this week, although still much requested:

I’d like to support an executive summary to the top of each report. This will be just free text that you can enter each period (e.g. monthly or weekly) that is not attached to a specific metric like a note is, but which allows you to comment on your overall progress.

It could look something like this:

With Prompt

And, once you’ve added a summary:

With Comments

The trade-off in terms of layout/design is that will mean the cards in the report jump about as you navigate between periods, depending on the length of the summary you enter. But I can live with that.

I’ll need to think about how this will work for a report that has multiple sections - i.e. is the summary per section or per report?

Otherwise, should hopefully be quick and easy (just a SQL query, right?)…