From today there is a new way to publish and share your reports on One Metric:

Report w Publish Button

The big green button in the top-right of every report is now “Publish”. This lets you confirm that your metrics are updated and ready to share.

Published Report Confirmation

Even if you haven’t got updated values for all of your metrics you can still publish your reports. We encourage you to add some notes to explain what is missing and why, so those who are viewing them know what is happening. It’s always better to say something rather than nothing.

Of course, you can still generate a link to share your report as you’ve always done, and in fact if you haven’t we’ll prompt you to do that too after your reports are published.

You can see an icon below the report name to indicate where a report is shared, that lets you quickly and easily retrieve the link to send to others.

And, anybody viewing those reports won’t be able to see the values until you’ve published them.

Published Report Unavailable

All of the emails you get from us to remind you to keep on top of your numbers have also been updated. At the start of each new period we will get in touch to suggest you update your reports. And, if you haven’t updated your metrics and published your reports yet we will send friendly prompts to remind you.

Step two on our Metrics Maturity Model is Establish good habits and includes this checklist:

  • Choose at least one other person who is interested in your progress and share your metrics with them on a regular basis. This could be as often as weekly in the very early stages, but at least monthly as you grow.

  • Ask them what metrics they think are most important and what they would consider good progress to be at your stage.

  • Ask them what other metrics you should be tracking that you might currently be overlooking.

Hopefully these changes make it even easier to build the habit of regularly updating and sharing your metrics with people who can help you improve.

With so many teams under pressure to report on the impact to their business at the moment, it’s never been more important to reach out and ask for help from those who care most about your progress.

The good news is that these changes are made just in time for the end of the month (which also happens to be the end of the financial year here in NZ), so you can expect to see those new email notifications hitting your inbox in the next few days.

Or, why not get ahead of the curve and update your metrics and publish and share your reports now.

Good luck!