Some news…

We’ve made One Metric free to everybody for six months.

This applies to all existing subscribers, everybody currently on a free trial, and anybody who signs up from today onwards.

If you haven’t already you can get started today.

If you have an existing account where the free trial has expired please get in touch so we can extend this for you.

We know it’s incredibly tough right now. But, it’s also never been more important for teams to track their metrics and share them with their team and advisers, whether you’re trying to plan for the future or are just struggling to keep up.

In the first blog post about One Metric we said:

We’ve learned…

  • The most successful founders are those that use data to track their progress and inform their decisions.
  • As investors and advisers, when a founder goes quiet that is usually a warning sign that something is wrong.
  • Every founder is sitting on a gold mine of data about their business, full of opportunities for improvement, but most never unlock it.

Those things are all still true, and in the current moment never more relevant. We hope this pricing change allows a larger group of people to communicate clearly and navigate what is ahead.

While we won’t be asking for a credit card, we’re still here! If you need any help with choosing which metrics to track, importing data from Xero or Google Analytics, setting up a report or sharing it with your team, please get in touch with us.

Seriously, email us - we love hearing from you, and it will go to a real person who is willing to help!

Keep safe, wash your hands, talk soon…

Nik, Sacha & Rowan.